More than 10 professional person with 10 year experience in QC Team.


  • Basic inspection
  • Testing arrange
  • OQC
  • Shipment arrange
External Visual Inspection
Bostock offers the best solution for cost down, with good sources specialize in FPGA, CPLD, MCU, DSP, Flash and Memory. Service for worldwide partners in industries like Medical, Automotive, Military, Communication and Aerospace. We have strong system for data & supply chain management and strict quality control rule & execution.
Using chemical corrosion method to remove the chip package, and inspecting the logo, bindings, maps on the die, then we can identify whether they are original devices or not.
• EPROMs & EEPROMs • Microcontrollers • Flash Memories • PROMs • SRAMs & DRAMs
Solderability Test
Check whether the component materials meet environmental protection requirements and relevant international standards.